About Us

DAWAAT E DAKKAN is a studio formed by two brothers Wasimbarry Maner and Tahirnakkash Maner. The duo come with different skill set.

Wasimbarry Maner

Wasimbarry Maner well known as Wasim Maner, is an artist, he writes, paints, sculpts, makes films and teaches. His formal education is in zoology, social work, and cinematography. he has been making films since 2003 and has traveled across the country for the work.
He has taught cinematography and filmmaking in leading media and film schools in India and has conducted workshops internationally.

Tahirnakkash Maner

Tahirnakkash Maner well known as Tahir Maner, runs the show. His formal education is in engineering and is trained to build arches domes and vaults. He has a good understanding of business and designing projects. managing large teams efficiently and negotiations are his forte. He has a keen interest in writing and keeps contributing to the literature section of the studio. He was a captain of his football team at an engineering college. He has left the college and engineering but the sport has not left him. Now is an AFF’s ‘D’ license football coach and has a dream to build and nurture sports culture in the society.

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